Magnaflow: 2022 Ford Ranger Overland Series Exhaust System

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The MagnaFlow Ford Ranger Overland Series Performance Exhaust System #19605 helps your truck conquer trails and obstacles that stock systems simply can’t thanks to the improved ground clearance and departure angles it brings to compatible 2019-2022 Ford Ranger models equipped with the 2.3L inline-four engine option.

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This improved off-road capability is largely thanks to the system’s undercarriage hugging design and tipless exit. Exhaust kit #19605 features 3-inch diameter, fast flowing, mandrel bent main piping that passes through a straight-through offset/offset same-side 5x8x18-inch muffler before ending in a tipless, high tuck tailpipe that exits on the rear of the passenger’s side. This Ranger exhaust system replaces all your truck’s stock exhaust components from near the catalytic converter on back, enhancing it with MagnaFlow’s signature sound and dyno-proven performance while keeping unwanted droning noises under control both on and off the trail thanks to the incorporation of their NDT (No Drone Technology) resonators. #19605 is made of durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and produced using advanced CNC precision robotic manufacturing techniques, all backed by MagnaFlow’s limited lifetime warranty.


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