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Holley is pleased to announce the release of awesome new products this week. Holley Classic Trucks now has grilles for 1973-1982 Chevrolet pickup trucks to replace that tired, busted face on your restoration project. Detroit Speed’s SpeedMAX front suspension kits for 1973-1987 C10s are now available with provisions for big-block Chevrolet mounts. Holley Sniper EFI’s new HyperSpark Master Kits make wiring up a Sniper system a breeze, with only four wires to contend with. Holley EFI now has PWM Alternator Harnesses for GM and Ford applications, and DiabloSport has taken on the 2021-2022 Ford Explorer ST, with impressive results. Read on to learn more about these fantastic new products.

Holley Classic Trucks Premium Grilles for 1973-1982 Chevrolet C/K

holley chevy truck grille

Of all of the finishing touches you can apply to your project Squarebody, a brand-new grille will undoubtedly be the most noticeable. Holley Classic Trucks’ premium grilles are offered in original colors for a stock look or can be painted for a custom touch. All factory mounting points are present to make installation simple, and provisions for the factory Bowtie and moldings, where applicable, are present to maintain an OEM appearance.

Detroit Speed SpeedMAX Front Suspension System for 1973-1987 GM C/K Trucks (Now Available for Big Block Chevrolet Engines)

Detroit Speed SpeedMAX Front Suspension System

The Detroit Speed C10 SpeedMAX front suspension is designed for a truck using truck-strength parts and not car-strength parts. It is designed with no compromises and exclusive DSE suspension geometry for superior handling and ride quality at a lowered ride height. This 100% bolt-on front suspension system utilizes the OE-style GMT800 brake design, which allows for stock or aftermarket brake options. Versions are available with non-adjustable, single-adjustable and dual-adjustable shocks.

Holley Sniper EFI HyperSpark Master Kits

Holley Sniper EFI HyperSpark Master Kits

HyperSpark Master Kits were designed to make upgrading your ignition on a Sniper EFI-equipped engine simple. When installed concurrently with a new Sniper EFI system, the combination creates the easiest to install EFI conversion on the market – only four flying lead connections required. This harness only requires one connection to a switched power source, battery positive, battery negative, and fuel pump power.

The pre-terminated connectors and built-in 40-amp relay provides power to all of the components within the system. With the included Sniper EFI Main Harness you no longer need to run multiple wires to provide switched power for each individual component. This not only helps prevent wiring confusion, it will speed up your install time and clean up your engine bay. Just route the harness and pre-terminated connectors to your HyperSpark coil, distributor, and ignition box and plug them in.

Holley EFI PWM Alternator Harnesses

Holley EFI PWM Alternator Harnesses

Holley EFI’s plug-and-play alternator harnesses are designed for late-model engines with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) alternators, these harnesses can be used with OEM alternators.

DiabloSport Coverage Available For 2021-2022 Ford Explorer ST

DiabloSport Coverage Available For 2021-2022 Ford Explorer ST

The Ford Explorer ST is a solid performance SUV in stock form, but to truly earn the ST badge, we felt it could use a little more power…45 horsepower and 69 ft-lbs of torque on 93 octane fuel, to be exact. Tunes are available for multiple octanes on our inTune i3 and Trinity 2 lineup. With huge power gains and all the features customers will expect, DiabloSport is the solution for Explorer ST tuning.


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