Atturo Tire MTS Mud Tires Come to Trail Blade Sport Series

Blades of Glory

Atturo Tire made the MTS to cut through the slop as a heavy-duty tire that’s ideal for ¾- and 1-ton trucks. It’s designed as an extension of their popular Trail Blade M/T. To that end the MTS features a pattern borrowing from Atturo’s short-course racing teams, with grooves, sipes, and an aggressive four-lug design.

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Intimidating sidewalls include a tread block modeled after a karambit knife; staying consistent with Atturo’s Trail Blade Series diverse knife-blade-inspired tread patterns.

Heavy-duty 12-ply rated construction across many sizes, with increased load capacity, makes the Trail Blade MTS ideal for ¾ and 1-ton trucks.


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Atturo Tire is the tire brand dedicated to the SUV, Crossover and Light Truck (4×4) segments of the tire market.  Atturo designs and distributes stylishly aggressive tires that meet your needs both on and off road.  The active outdoor lifestyle embraced by people around the world is driving the growth of the SUV and 4×4 vehicle market.  We are the only brand solely focused on delivering tires to support your daily adventure.  Atturo is committed to delivering on its promise, to keep performance within reach by continuous improvement and innovation.